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2020 Wishlist

(scroll near the bottom for non-pokemon stuff)


Absol Double Attack Hasbro Action Figure - PLEASE let me know if you're selling! I've been wanting this guy ever since I started collecting.

>Highest Priority Pokemon Items<

Pink, Blue, & Yellow Weavile Clear Minimodels - but may be interested in duplicates of the others. Would also like to know what these figures are/who released them.
Weavile Metal Figures - Gold & Bronze - may be interested in duplicates of the others

Sneasel TFG Figure
Gold Weavile AG Coin (and any other colors besides bronze)

Weavile Watch Lanyard(?)
Sneasel Thinkchip Figure
Sneasel grabby Figure (rightmost)
Weavile Movie 8 Pen

2005 Weavile Magnet
Weavile + Sylveon Pan Wrapper
Weavile Mini Playset Figure
Weavile Gacha Straps
Weavile Bottlecap Figure
Weavile Banpresto UFO Plush (preferably with all tags)

Weavile erasers - any colors
Weavile Plastic Card (?)
Weavile Keychain Puzzle
Weavile Figure Strap
Weavile + Meowth Candy Tin

Sealed Jakks Weavile Individual Figure
Weavile Marbles
Weavile Pez Dispensers
Weavile Bandai Stamper
2005 Shopping Bag w/ Weavile

Weavile Movie 8 Maze
Weavile Ensky Figure
Weavile Retsden Stamp

Weavile Light-Up Keychain
Weavile Candy wrappers
Weavile World Championships Postcard
Weavile Rubber Thing (croc accessory??)
Unknown Weavile Keychain
Shirt/cloth item featuring Weavile

**I have few Weavile flats rn and would love to see any that you have to offer.
I am also interested in any Weavile prototypes, and sealed/unopened Weavile items that I don't have.

Pokemon: Lower Priority
Stuff I want, but am in no hurry to obtain.

Sneasel Tomy Figures
Sneasel Battle Museum Figure
Sneasel Mini Jakks Playset Figure
Sneasel Jakks Figure
Sneasel Pokemon Center 2005 Keychain
Sneasel Swing Charm

Sneasel Pokemon Time Notebook
Sneasel Pokemon Time Shirt
Sneasel Pin
Sneasel Pokemon Time Clearfile
Sneasel Hasbro Thinkchip Prototype
Sneasel Retsuden Stamper
Sneasel Zukan

Sneasel Pokemon Time Tin
Sneasel Jakks Plush - Arms Crossed - MWT preferred
Clear Latias Kid
Absol Bath Figure
Absol keychain - MIP preferred
Absol Bottle Figure
Secret (Shimmery) Absol Moncolle Get

Absol Luxury Ball Roller Stamp
Absol Kuttari (awake only) - JP MWT preferred
Absol TFG Figures - Clear, Crystal - I don't need the regular one; baseless is preferred
Clear Lucario Special Attack Kid
Lucario Banpresto Large Kuji Plush
Lucario Magnet Figure
Lucario Sofubi Keychain

Lucario Movie Promo Tomy Plush
Lucario Banpresto Clip-On Plush
Zoroark Clipping Figure
Arcanine Kids
Arcanine Clear Kid
Arcanine Poncho Eevee Plush - mouth closed preferred

Clear Houndoom, Poochyena, Manectric, & Ninetales kids
Clear Poochyena Attack Kid

Clear Purple Persian Tomy (bootleg?)
Clear Latias Jakks Figure
Clear Latios Jakks Figure
Pokemon Time Lycanroc Plush

Square Lucario & Mew M08 Keychain - MIP preferred
Lucario & Mew M08 Gacha Pin
Lucario & Absol Bromide
Clear Lucario Figures - Orange, Green, White
Lucario Gold Metal Keychain
Old Pokebox Justice Tarot Card

The Devil Pokebox Tarot Card
Temperence Pokebox Tarot Card
Queen of Swords Pokebox Tarot Card

Priority/interest is variable.

Nasrullah: Forgotten Patriarch of the American Thoroughbred

Balto Keychains - not interested in Boris
Balto & Steele KFC Figures
Balto & Jenna Plushes

Spirit  Beanies (any size)
Spirit 13" Plush
Kovu ceramic figure
Kovu figure
Kiara kissing plush
Kovu squeeze lite
Kovu UK Plush
2ft Kovu Plush
Nuka & Vitani Small Plushes

Various TLK Hyena Figures; likely interested in any even if they are not listed here
2011 TLK Hyena Plushes
Nat Geo Hyena Plush
Unknown Blue Hyena Plush (or any similar toony, weird yeen plushes)

Vintage Tod Plush
UK Adult Tod Plush
Brer Fox Plush (don't care if he has clothes)
Lady and the Tramp Angel Plush
101 Dalmatians 2 Thunderbolt Plushes

Various Lana Del Rey cover magazines

Neopets Items
Priority/interest is variable.

Thinkway Wocky - any colors
Thinkway Gelert - Blue
Wocky Mini Figures - any colors
Gelert Mini Figures - any colors

Jakks Island Kougra Mini Figure
Jakks Large Striped Lupe Plush
Kougra Mouse Pad
Jeran Action Figure
Overpowered Blue Lupe Lapel Pin
Jakks Desert Kougra Figure

Jakks Pink Kougra Figure
Thinkway Kougra - White
Old(??) Thinkway Kougra - Orange (not sure when this was released)
Blue Uni Minifigure

**I am potentially interested in other Neopets merch, especially when combined with other orders - so please feel free to offer (though it is not a top priority.) Especially so for anything related to Lupes, Gelerts, Kougras, Wockies, Krawks.

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