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Red Crown Goods - 2019 Sales!
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my
PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from 98062 WA, USA.
-Shipping is not included in the price. US First Class starts @ $4.00.
-I will ship anywhere! Be aware that international shipping is expensive.
-I am willing to hold items and be flexible with payments, just let me know what is needed. :)
-I can take Paypal, Square, or Venmo. Please no money orders!
-First to commit to the item gets it. Payment due within 24 hours.

>Minimum Purchase is $3!
I will sell $2 & under items on their own if you are willing to pay at least $3 for them.
Flats that can be shipped in a regular envelope (without cardboard protection) are an exception.
Shipping in this way costs $1.25.

>I'm slow to respond sometimes, and may take up to 5 days to ship! I'll let you know if there is a significant delay.

>My labeling is a bit subpar lol, but it IS CTRL+F friendly this time!
>Some figures have scratches and marks - I did my best to price accordingly. I may not be able to check the condition of individual figures, but feel free to ask; I will try to do so if I am at home.

Pokemon Items---------------------------------------------------------------------

$1 each
Misc: Manaphy charm, Mime jr zipper pull, old jigglypuff pencil topper
O La Ice Cream Rubber Straps: Turtwig, Chimchar x2, Piplup, Pikachu
Kids: Mewtwo, wartortle, clear pachirisu, garchomp, cobalion, growlithe, unown, salamence, dialga

Figures: McD's Yungoos, various Mews, Fletchinder tomy, torchic (not sure what it is), large hollow pikachu
Other: Love ball (unofficial I think), small card binder w/ rayquaza and hoopa
The red things in the sealed bags are game board pieces of some kind. pokemon featured are pikachu, plusle, minun, and electivire

Minisbees cardboard squares: lucario, regiice, regirock, registeel (all x2 except lucario)
DS skins: heracross/snorlax/staraptor, sharpedo/butterfree (sorry, forgot the third one but i can check if anyone needs to know! ^^')
The chips are also part of a board game, featuring electric and fire pokemon.

Meowth cat hat gacha
ddakjis: lunala, dragonite, decidueye, primarina

Weavile items: the clear kid figure has red staining on the bottom (I was a bad owner and let him get too close to a melting candle....)
Minisbees discs: mime jr, bonsly, mew; sealed pack includes those three PLUS lucario and weavile. ($3 for the whole pack of 4; will not separate atm)
SOLD: mega absol, weavile gacha

Tomy figures: arceus, reshiram, klefki, cubone, drowzee, kyurem, chandelure
Other: mega blaziken blind box figure; leafeon kid

TCG card/rulebooks: gyarados, rhyperior, giratina, ho-oh/lugia
The green one is a Worlds book... will upload pix of the other sides soon

Kids: clear eevee, umbreon
Other: arceus TCG figures, swellow whistle gacha (mip), mew
Tomy: mew, kyurem
BK plushes: butterfree, golbat, gyarados

Tomy: seaking
O La Ice cream rubber straps: piplup, munchlax
Clear face straps: mudkip, torchic, pikachu
Purple figures come from a game of some sort but I am not sure exactly what it is - Meowth, pikachu, mime jr, bonsly, aipom, buneary, cherrim
+ munchlax block

ALL SOLD except the $4 small pika

The sealed keychain rubix cubes are gachas from the AG era. I forgot to write down what all of the pokemon are; can check when I get home. They are mostly gen 4 pokemon, so if you are looking for one in particular, let me know!
Umbreon, Espeon, silver pikachu moncolle get ($3)
pins: pikachu, mime jr/bonsly

New espeon and umbreon tomy figures
Eevee board game figure
O La Ice Cream lucario rubber strap

Lycanroc Dusk PC plush, Ninetales PC plush, Hasbro Spinda, 20th anniversary victini

Rockruff pokedoll, charizard hasbro plush, mew PC plush
All TTO except charizard who has both tags

Pokemon cookbook and XY Guidebook
The Red cardtridge looks authentic to me. However, I do not have a gameboy to actually test it. If it doesn't work when you try it, I am willing to refund you!

Tomy Vaporeon TTO - $7
Charmander - might be a bootie; has a bandaid on the tail - $1
Round One Lapras - new with both tags (more photos below) - $17
Kon backpack - sold
Care Bears pillow - $3 - HOLD
MLPs - $2 each
Yellow dog - $1
Tokidoki baseball plush - $3

Charizard Y poncho - button is detached, but will be included - $20
Rowlet banpresto plush - $3
Pikazard plush regular size - $15
Small pikazards: $8 each
Pikazard pencil - $4

Pikazard charm - $5
Christmas charms (packaging a bit bent) - $6
Spooky Party stickers - $4 each
Malamar line charms - $4
Pumpkaboo pin plush - $4

Cubone and pikachu $1 each, the zukan set is $5 for all (missing pieces)