Red Crown Goods - 2020 Sales!

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my
PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from 98062 WA, USA.
-Shipping is not included in the price. US First Class starts @ $4.00.
-I will ship anywhere! Be aware that international shipping is expensive.
-I am willing to hold items and be flexible with payments, just let me know what is needed. :)
-I can take Paypal, Square, or Venmo. Please no money orders!
-First to commit to the item gets it. Payment due within 24 hours.

>Minimum Purchase is $3!
I will sell $2 & under items on their own if you are willing to pay at least $3 for them.
Flats that can be shipped in a regular envelope (without cardboard protection) are an exception.
Shipping in this way costs $1.25.
>I'm slow to respond sometimes, and may take up to 5 days to ship! I'll let you know if there is a significant delay.

>CTRL+F friendly!
>Some figures have scratches and marks - I did my best to price accordingly. I may not be able to check the condition of individual figures, but feel free to ask; I will try to do so if I am at home.

Pokemon Items---------------------------------------------------------------------

DX Absol UFO 2003 - A bit loved; there are no significant issues, but the fabric has a used look to it/some pilling. tush tag only. - $20 HOLD until 1/18

Movie 8 DecoChara Seal Holder (for pan stickers) - $15

Hasbro Spinda plush TTO - $8
New & sealed Pikachu TCG tin - $7
Grabby figures - Pichu $5; Treecko $7
Pack of Minisbee discs - Mew, Weavile, Lucario, Mime jr, Bonsly - $3 for the whole pack; not splitting at this time!
Love ball (probs a bootie) - free with purchase

Coins -
Togetic, Elekid, Squirtle (bronze-ish... or at least not silver), Horsea, Natu - $2 each
Feraligatr, Croconaw, Growlithe - $3 each
Grimer, Pikachu, Magmr, Squirtle (silver), Meganium, Ledyba, Sudowoodo, Lickitung - $1 each

Ag trading coins - can anyone tell me more about these, i.e. actual name of the line, and brand?
Would love to trade for Absol coins of the same kind.
Heracross, Castform, Grovyle - $6 each
Horsea, Minun, squirtle - $5 each

Dog Tags -
Mareep, Swampert - $2 each
Paras, Victreebel, Gloom - $1 each

Lucario stuff -
Gacha machine, minisbee disc - SOLD
Holographic Dice - $5
Metal keychain MIP - $4
O La Ice Cream rubber strap - $5

Figures -
Arecus TCG figures - $3; one is more beat up than the other and is $1
Arceus, Kyurem White, Kyurem, Reshiram, Klefki, Seaking, Cubone, Hypno, Mew - $3 each

1st photo -
Pikachu (left, right), Mew (xmas gift one which is very dirty, tiny guy), Giratina strap, Shaymin strap, Mime Jr (zipper pull, minisbee disc), Gulpin magnet, Piplup rubber strap (some dirt marks on the back), Deoxys TCG coin, Minisbees (Banette, Bonsly, Mew, Mime jr) - All $1 each. Mostof these things have degree of marks on them, please be aware!)
Rubiks cubes are sealed but due to age some of the stickers have fallen off in the packaging. $1 each

2nd photo - kids -
Mewtwo DX is a bit discolored/old so it is $1
Garchomp, clear eevee, cobalion, zoroark, raichu, dialga, mewtwo - $2 each

1st photo - The purple figures are pieces for a board game of some kind i think, made by Tomy in 2006.
Aipom, Mime jr, Pikachu, Cherubi - $2 each
Eevee - $5
Meowth, Buneary, Bonsly - $3
Meowth is on hold for now, but feel free to comment to be next in line
Blaziken, Espeon, Umbreon, Mew - $4 each

2nd photo -
Shaymin keychain, Skitty top - $1 each
Swellow whistle MIP, Rubiks cubes MIP - $4 each
Munchlax megablok - $2
O La Ice Cream rubber straps - Chimchar x2, Turtwig, Pikachu, Munchlax - $2 each

Pokemon black cartridge only - used, has all my stuff on it still, feel free to take whatever you want off of it lol. - $14
Metal keychains - Chimchar, Chatot/Mantyke/Buizel, Piplup - $2 each
Pikachu, Mime jr/Bonsly gacha pins - $2 each
Buneary gacha button - $2
Manaphy metal charm - $2
Clear face straps - mudkip, torchic, pikachu - $2 each

Mew magnetic pokeball (missing magnet disc) - $4
Swinub minicot - $3
Regigigas (left, right), Giratina, Darkrai (left, right), Gastrodon, Squirtle, Mew, Swampert - $2 each
Weighted pokeballs - (Shaymin is a keychain, same as the one further up - $1)
Palkia, Torchic - $3 each
Plusle (x3) - $2 each

2020 Wishlist

(scroll near the bottom for non-pokemon stuff)


Absol Double Attack Hasbro Action Figure - PLEASE let me know if you're selling! I've been wanting this guy ever since I started collecting.

>Highest Priority Pokemon Items<

Pink, Blue, & Yellow Weavile Clear Minimodels - but may be interested in duplicates of the others. Would also like to know what these figures are/who released them.
Weavile Metal Figures - Gold & Bronze - may be interested in duplicates of the others

Sneasel TFG Figure
Gold Weavile AG Coin (and any other colors besides bronze)

Weavile Watch Lanyard(?)
Sneasel Thinkchip Figure
Sneasel grabby Figure (rightmost)
Weavile Movie 8 Pen

2005 Weavile Magnet
Weavile + Sylveon Pan Wrapper
Weavile Mini Playset Figure
Weavile Gacha Straps
Weavile Bottlecap Figure
Weavile Banpresto UFO Plush (preferably with all tags)

Weavile erasers - any colors
Weavile Plastic Card (?)
Weavile Keychain Puzzle
Weavile Figure Strap
Weavile + Meowth Candy Tin

Sealed Jakks Weavile Individual Figure
Weavile Marbles
Weavile Pez Dispensers
Weavile Bandai Stamper
2005 Shopping Bag w/ Weavile

Weavile Movie 8 Maze
Weavile Ensky Figure
Weavile Retsden Stamp

Weavile Light-Up Keychain
Weavile Candy wrappers
Weavile World Championships Postcard
Weavile Rubber Thing (croc accessory??)
Unknown Weavile Keychain
Shirt/cloth item featuring Weavile

**I have few Weavile flats rn and would love to see any that you have to offer.
I am also interested in any Weavile prototypes, and sealed/unopened Weavile items that I don't have.

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A Guide + Review to DotDotBuy

I have not used dotdotbuy since this purchase and it looks like their site layout has changed. I won't be updating this guide but will keep it up in case it's still useful to anyone.


is a rough-ish guide to using dotdotbuy to purchase from
a Chinese marketplace akin to eBay and Amazon. In order to purchase
from Taobao outside of China, you'll need a middleman service to
purchase the items and ship them to you in the US. Dotdotbuy is one
such service, and the site I chose after some research on which
offered the best assistance. I've read that Dotdotbuy's international
shipping costs are much lower than the seemingly more popular Bhiner, and their commission fee is lower than some services like Taobaoring.

the record, I'm not an expert at using this site – this is almost
more of a journal documenting my first experience with it. Still, I
wanted to write something up for it because I found a lack of
tutorials for it while I was researching, and it might still be
helpful for some.

Also, I know this is kind of a pain in the ass to read on tumblr. I’ll probably be posting it elsewhere shortly so it’s more easily accessible.

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My Little Collection

Hello! This marks my first LiveJournal post, well, ever. I wanted to talk a little about myself and show off my humble pokemon collection (so far, anyway).
I know I've already requested membership to pkmncollectors, and I apologize for not making an entry sooner... things have been very busy! But here I am now.

I've loved pokemon since I was in preschool, and since then, my affinity has had its ups and downs. After the B/W hype died down, so did my interest. When XY came out, however, I was back in Pokémode. I expected myself to brush it all off again after a few months, but over a year later, I'm loving Pokemon more than I ever did!

I've had lots of pokemon merchandise over the years, and still have a few things laying around in storage. However, the photo below shows the "main" points of my collection and things that I have on display. This isn't my permanent display place - I don't have a ton of room, so things are sort of spread out, but I wanted to put them all together for a nice picture.

Right now my focuses are Weavile and Absol - my top two favorites. I try to limit what I buy to things that especially strike me instead of getting a bunch of stuff (mostly because I just don't have the room for it). At the moment I'm paying the most attention to figures - especially those with interesting, dynamic poses, and anything that's BIG.

XY Dice w/Mega Lucario
S.H. Figuarts Lucario
TOMY Moncolle Super Size Mega Absol figure
Mega Evolution VS. Set figure: Mega Absol
Mega Lucario Collection figure
Arcanine 1999 Burger King Toy
Jakks Pacific Battle Frontier Weavile figure
Mega Charizard Y Collection figure
Banpresto I <3 Eevee 5" Glaceon keychain plush (w/ a little red bow for the Holidays)
Jolteon 7" Standard PokePlush
Sylveon 9" Standard Poke Plush
And in the mirror, a Pokemon Crystal poster from the official guidebook.

I have a few fun things in the mail as well that I'll post when I receive them.
I like to buy things online to add to my personal collection as I go along, but I also scout for Pokemon things at thrift shops. I usually end up reselling what I find from these stores, but it all depends on what it is. I really just love toys and having them pass through my hands to appreciate for a while.

Well, that's about it - Thank you for reading, and I look forward to participating in the community if I'm able to join!